Painting Nature or I’m On Vacation and You’re Not

By W.R. Jones

friendsattheriver-post.jpg Oh, you have to work?  I’m sorry I have to go on vacation.  I thought this an appropriate image as I’m leaving in a few hours for two weeks of painting in Idaho/Wyoming.  It will be painting outdoors every day followed by drinking 2 buck Chuck and eating Burger King every night.  Sounds pretty damn upscale don’t it?  Bet you wish you could go.

   Really, what could be more fun than standing for 6 hours swatting mosquitos and slapping paint on a little square of linen?   I noticed my car coolant seems to be slowly leaking so I may not make it all the way to Idaho; I could be painting in Utah instead, just outside the auto repair shop.   In which case I may need to borrow a little from you.  Judging from your rather sluggish response to my past pleas for money, I may be stuck in Utah awhile.  Can you have two wives there?  I’m going to be needing one to massage my aching legs and one to  fix the car. And one to cook and one to sew.  I guess that makes 4 wives.  Then I will need help with the Christmas shopping for all of them so let’s add a shopper wife – oh, that’s right I already have her and a matching daughter.


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2 Responses to Painting Nature or I’m On Vacation and You’re Not

  1. grfxho says:

    I’m not commenting on your misogynistic rant. I do, however, really like this painting and the little deer peeking out. It’s one of my favorite outdoor paintings of yours so far, I think.

  2. wrjones says:

    How could a man with, count ’em again please, 5 wives be a misogynist? Give it a little more thought. I let them weed the garden, clean the ticks off the dog, sit in the blind with me at 4:00AM to give me coffee, and other fun stuff. It certainly makes it a mystery why all 5 are leaving me.

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