Always Dreaming

By W.R. Jones

coastal-gray_post.jpg  I was looking at some photos of Justin Clayton painting on location in/near San Francisco.  Damn,  that’s the life I want.  Wandering around the country painting.  Here is a plein air painting I did some time ago.  The thing is, I had to go directly home after this. 

   I day dream of leisurely travel about the country on the back roads.  I would stop once or twice a day to paint some scene.  In my mind these are mostly country road scenes.  Sometimes I think about Victorian era porches as well.   Always dreaming, that’s me.

   There are those go-getters in life who would direct me to stop dreaming and make my goals a reality.  OK, here is what I will need, a SUGAR momma; one who will finance my travels with the expected reward being the knowledge she has made an old man happy.  I do like to overnight in the finer hotels so if you are living on social security you might want to pass up this opportunity to seek joy in helping others.  Perhaps you could just give a few dollars to your neighborhood wino instead.

    I saw on TV this man set a new record by holding his breath underwater for 15 minutes (yikes).  I’ve decided to hold my breath until someone volunteers to pay for my upscale painting excursion.  Uh uh uh … (this is me drawing in a deep breath)… uh uh; please hurry with the money I don’t think I can go 15 minutes. 


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4 Responses to Always Dreaming

  1. iheartaaart says:

    Thankyou for the comment on my site! And for the compliment. I looked through yours, you have some very beautiful paintings! The portraits in particular, I love.

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks – I’m wondering if you are a smoker? Just a wild guess, you understand.

  3. iheartaaart says:

    Haha, no, i’m not a smoker…. but I hang out with a lot of them. Art culture/coffee shop culture :).

  4. wrjones says:

    I think you should try a cigar with your friends. It may help with digestion of that coffee cake.

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