Soup Or Beans?

By W.R. Jones

figure-study-22.jpg  This is our Thai waitress from yesterday’s lunch.  She seems calm here but when I ask her to disrobe so I could draw while we ate, she threw a bowl of curry and ruint my shirt.  I’m going to have to try laundering that one myself; a little hard to explain what happened to the wife.

    I have two Chinese ladies who report to me, Lucy and Ellen; if I put their given names here you couldn’t pronounce them either.  They just go by Lucy and Ellen here at work.  Both are good candidates for the stereotype of an Asian scholar.  They both have multiple masters degrees, and are driven to learn and accomplish a given task.

   Yesterday Ellen took Lucy and I to lunch.  I was wanting to go to Mom Can Cook Thai where my favorite soup of all time is made, Mom’s Homemade Soup.  Doesn’t sound very Thai-ish does it?  But it is, and it is fabulous.  I have taken maybe 10 people there to have the soup and every single one loved it. 

    Lucy convinced me that Doms would be better as it is closer to work and they have red bean curry.  It is the only Thai resturant I’ve been to that makes this curry.  Wow that stuff is good.  However, I feel a duty to warn you, it is staining.  Don’t ask the waitress to disrobe unless you are prepared to buy a new shirt.

    Does anyone out there know how to get out curry stains?

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