Pink Cheeks ~ Triggers Brilliant Product Idea

by W.R. Jones

pink.jpg  I suppose a better title might be pink blouse or pink sweater, but I’m hoping those same people who Google breasts will be searching for the slang term for ass, buttocks, rear end, etc.

And why, you might wonder, would I stoop to such prurient skulldruggery?  Money!  If we can increase our daily readership averages from the current 3 to say about 75,000 we can make some coin by showing ads and collecting on your every click.  Just thinking about it is making my wallet drool.   You’ll be able to read about the stuff you can’t live without such as Viagra, HeadOn, how to earn a million a year from the comfort of your home, 0.05% home loans, etc.  Really, if you think about it, it has to be better reading than the wiffle dust Lisa spews.

This young lady was Saturday’s model at California Art Institute.  The pink blouse has kind of a knitted look to me.  That started me thinking about a new product idea.  I’m taking so much flack about the unmanliness of knitting I think we need knitting “Tools” for the manly man, you know, that guy who knits on horseback.

Here is a list of the first products we will be offering:

   1.  Knitting camo outfits (you blend right in with the horse, or sofa, which ever you are on) no one ever knows you knit

   2.  Instead of knitting needles – knitting knifes, knitting swords, clubs, or nunchucks

   3.  To replace the knitting basket – knitting saddlebags

Should you wish to get on the ground floor of this clearly golden investment opportunity, and why wouldn’t you, please send cash directly to me.  If you like we could call it a love offering and you can write it off on your income tax as a sort of religious experience

Bless you!

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