Budding Impressionist

by Lisa 


This is a painting by my student Susie who is a landscape designer. She is naturally interested in landscape painting and I decided to park her outside the Art Institute for the past two classes so she could try her hand at it. I first had her paint colored blocks outside using Lois Griffel’s method of impressionistic painting. This week she moved on to painting a landscape of the nearby water tower that is in clear view of the Institute using the same technique. There is not a whole lot of scenery near us, but I happen to like the classical cylindrical form of the tower with the free form trees around it. My other students were not interested in standing outside in 100 degree temperatures and chose to stay inside in the comfort of the studio. Susie was most determined, and I thought she did a beautiful job, and managed to capture the effect of the bright sunlight. This technique utilizes the palette knife, and it’s not easy. We all loved her piece when she was done, and next week everyone has decided to paint outside!!!

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3 Responses to Budding Impressionist

  1. Ric & Carol Riccobono says:

    We knew Susie had a talent for the arts, but did not know to what extent. Looks like the work of a true artist. Look forward to her next painting.

  2. Martha Pinter says:

    Fabulous – would love to see it in person!

  3. lbtowers says:

    Who would guess that a water tower could be so beautiful???


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