Expensive Women

by WR Jones

hay-post.jpg  This is how I feel today; like the man who just came into town on a load of hay.  Saturday my wife and daughter were shopping and came home with a Coach bag for my daughter to carry her laptop.  I happened upon them as they were moving the shopping bags from the car to the house.  I saw the word Coach on a LARGE paper bag and thought, “oh, oh”.  I mentioned my misgivings to my wife and she replied, “Your daughter has something to show you.”

    In the house I asked Erika about the bag; she said, “Let me show you, you’ll like it.”  And, I did like it.  I said, “I like that bag (a large plain brown leather), I think I want one to hold my knitting.”  Erika, “Jesus, dad, don’t tell anyone you knit, you are such an embarressment. ” 

    The next day my wife and I were on our Sunday walk when she told me about her conversation with Erika about the bag.   “Erika, that is too much money, your dad will yell at us.”  “Dad won’t say a thing, he likes nice stuff, stop worrying.  I should probably get the Coach Dayplanner as well.”

   Yup, that’s me, mister simple minded.   I don’t know how I’m going to afford the twins (Ragweed and Thistle).  Maybe you should start sending me cash now.  Small bills are fine, but please remember to send this “feed the children” offering every month.

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4 Responses to Expensive Women

  1. grfxho says:

    I’d promise to instill in the twins a healthy, sensible, thrifty side… but my own shopping compulsion is WAY out of control.

  2. wrjones says:

    It’s clearly up to you. I’m obviously a pushover. I’ve already bought them iphones in pink. They are hanging over the cribs.

  3. grfxho says:

    You’re evil. Where’s my iphone?

  4. wrjones says:

    I mean really, did you think to maybe look in that new Prada handbag I just gave you. Perhaps you stopped riffling when you found those (ok they were only a carat) diamond rings I hid inside the zippered pocket.

    The iphone is in the “phone pocket”.

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