Still Need A Scanner, Or Cash

by WR Jones

a_deer.jpg For the image critics here is another bad photo of a drawing on company owned notebook paper.  Before you open your mouth to say one word, YOU pick which child at my orphanage will forego the morning gruel so that I can afford better paper that won’t assail your tender eyes.

    I was going to post a photo of a painting from the last plein air outing but the photo was so bad even I cringed.  Looking at it however, brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the cruel words of Lisa about another of my landscape attempts.  No one asked to see it except Lisa.  I’m sure she only asked because we share this blog and she thought it might show up here.   I was reluctant to show her and rightly so as her comments were, “Is that upside down?”  “Yes.” “Well turn it over so I can see it.”  “I don’t want to.” “Do it anyway.  What is that?  What was it supposed to be?  Whoa, you’d better get cracking if you are going to paint with that group in Idaho next month.  You are going to be embarrassed.”

   It sure is nice to paint with someone so supportive.  I need another plein air painting pal.    We won’t invite Lisa or the rest of her group.  And, no, it is not all that much fun, but I need the practice or I will be embarassed.  OK, I’ll pay you to go with me.

   Remember, that is cash in care of “Cash for Bill’s drawing paper, orphanage, and a drink or two”.  PO Box 12, ChickenCrotch, IA 50022

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