Road Rage? Or Just Annoyance

by WR Jones

 a_vw.jpg   Why is it that in the whole country of drivers I’m the only one going the correct speed?  EVERYONE else is going too fast or too slow.  It is really very bad for my blood pressure.  No wonder I have a potty mouth.  Can you hold yourself to, “Gee whiz, that old geezer in front of me sure is poking along.  I wish he would move to the right lane so I could get to the hospital before this baby is born.”  The opposite situation, “Doggone that teenager was moving, ran me off the road, and that beer bottle they threw out the window clipped my front fender.  I suppose they were in a hurry to get to class.” 

    I personally use every available epihet to relieve my stress.  These include all known racial, sexual, fat or thinsal, old or youngsal, religious, financial, dress code, …, you name it, I’ll call (or scream)  it.  It seems to help a little, but I still have to elevate my feet and take a couple of aspirin to calm down.

    And another insult I must endure –  look at the paper I’m forced to draw on at work.  I’ve asked the secretary mulitple times to get me some paper without lines.  Have you ever tried to draw a car during a meeting?  Eventually you get asked why you keep looking out the window.   

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7 Responses to Road Rage? Or Just Annoyance

  1. lbtowers says:

    I guess they have lousy cameras at work too.


  2. grfxho says:

    You really should invest in a scanner. And some decent paper.

  3. wrjones says:

    Scanner, camera, decent (expensive) paper. The children down at the orphanage I solely support will be looking forward to eating a little less gruel so I can have equipment to better entertain the privileged of this world.

  4. grfxho says:

    I hardly approve of you nicknaming the twins’ home “The Orphanage.”

  5. wrjones says:

    Thanks Debbie Downer, the cash was pouring in til you were overcome buy the urge for truth.

    I’ll let you explain to the girls they can’t have that table saw they have been wanting. Daddy has no money now, but the good news is mommy’s conscience is clear.

  6. grfxho says:

    Sorry, Cowboy, you’re going to have to find some other way to fund your tool and toy habit.

  7. wrjones says:

    Well girls, we learn a new word today – vindictive. Mom is upset because I balked at buying her a red Mercedes, which I felt would be extravagant after giving her the new Lexus last month.

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