Erika Starts Med School Today

by WR Jones

erika-post.jpg A painting of my Erika in a (modified) well known John Singer Sarget portrait pose.

    Today she is on the first step to a fulfilling career and acknowledges the following friends and mentors who have done so much in helping her achieve this initial success:

    Paul Curry, M.D., Joni Curry

    Suzie Schuder, M.D.

    Joni Halpern, Attorney at Law

    Don Osbourne,  Inquarta 


Since this is a painting blog – here is a painting by Erika


And here is her dog Mango to share this great day –


Congratulations Erika,

You have the intelligence, compassion, and common sense that will make you a wonderful physician.

I will be expecting the drugs of MY choice  as soon as you can sign your name to one of those blank pads the doctors scribble on.  Just sign all of them and leave the pad with me.  No sense me hanging around the office all day.

 Love, Dad 

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5 Responses to Erika Starts Med School Today

  1. Ion Danu says:

    Beautifull portrait! Very Manet like, in the sense that it’s a true “piece de bravoure” picturale, with an unusual sense of rendering the material (silk like) and a subtle and refined color harmony. There are only a few capable of that: Manet was one, and Frans Hals. And you Bill.

    I will put your blog link (and Lisa’s) on my blogroll.

  2. Erika says:

    While you are relaxing and having a wonderful time on vacation, I’m studying long hard hours so I can be 12% of a doctor. That doesn’t seem fair, I’ll let you make it up on Christmas….

    and no, 12% doctors can NOT write prescriptions yet.

  3. Shon Wright says:

    Fascinating site, I could browse for hours. I spotted this and was amazed that someone had done the same as me, except yours is much better, not a slavish copy like mine. I will be back.

  4. P.S. Thanks for your visit and comment.

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