Dignified Bloggers Here

by Lisa

The other day one of my students asked me if Bill is the same in person as he is on the blog. I had to stifle an outright guffaw first, and then I said, “Bill???? Nooooooo. Why he’s…he’s…okay, yes he is.”  I tried to lie, but I’m terrible at it.

As for your last post Bill, I am proud of you for not using the t word in your title to try to get anonomous hits on our blog by people who are googling things other than art!!! But pa-lease. Our stats are not everything to us. Okay, so I did just bribe our viewers with a contest and a winning prize at the end (please please please refer to my August 7 post below), but that was a nice post with no suggestion of vulgarity. And okay, I did consider using the title the ‘Giant Cock’ once for the same reason, after you posted something about a rooster, but that was when no one was reading us, and we felt so all alone in the blog world. We no longer have to stoop so low. We are a thriving little blog, the engine that did. Please stick with stories about stealing flowers and propositioning women to pose for us (so help me if they report back that you asked to check their breasts for implants, I’ll strangle you).

BTW, some people believe my drawing of “The Perfect Braid” is pointilism. It’s not. It is charcoal on textured paper (specifically Canson cold pressed watercolor paper). This is another example of a drawing on that paper. It is of my son and I call it Dylan Waiting:

dylan_waiting.jpg It is an interesting paper to work on–very tough and takes a lot of abuse. You can get different effects if you use a soft brush to smudge the charcoal with. I highly recommend you mount the paper before drawing on it. It is a nightmare to glue down a charcoal drawing (The Perfect Braid is fairly large at around 30 x 25 inches) without ruining it.

Bill just reminded me to tell you all about Dylan’s faux commercial on YouTube. Go to www.youtube.com and type in ‘azwipe’ to witness the genious of my budding filmmaker and his friend.

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One Response to Dignified Bloggers Here

  1. wrjones says:

    Several issues here:
    1. I like this drawing much more than the braids. I just can’t process braid symbolism very well. I need a very clear explanation of what you are trying to say ’cause I can’t figure it out on my own.

    I’m a Norman Rockwell person and you (in my mind) are a Odd Nerdrum sort. That may change for the better someday if you stay on your meds.

    2. Let’s not forget our paragraph indentation per GrammerGal.

    3. With your son’s permission I think you should include a link to his YouTube video. It is a bit teenagerish but clever and enjoyable to view.

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