No Longer Friends

by WR Jones

nolongerfriends_post.jpg   A very sad painting capturing a moment of great pain;  the toddler is looking beyond Teddy at a distant shiny toy.  This is exactly why I don’t like to paint children.  They don’t care whose feelings they hurt.  See the stunned look on Teddy’s face.  He knows he has been dropped from the play list and exactly what the future holds for him.  Face down at the bottom of the toy box from now on.

    I must have some crow for breakfast this morning.  Lisa tried to tell me that editing a video was not quite as easy as falling off a bike.  I, of course, adamantly, stridently insisted it was obviously something a blind moron could do.  I knew this because of all the video on TV and YouTube.   How hard could it be?  Seems like anyone could do it.

    Well, Christ, she was right (very unusual for her), I’m having a hard time editing a very small video of about a minute and a half of that idiot dog, Mango, disregarding my every command as usual.  If this video were to actually get produced and viewed, the Dog Whisperer will have a stroke.

    Ok, I’ve got the crow coming; I’ll take it like a man.  Here is the rub, Lisa won’t stop with one serving.  She’ll freeze some crow, in fact she will probably freeze several, and I will be eating it for a lo… time. 

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2 Responses to No Longer Friends

  1. grfxho says:

    Call it “Mango: The Director’s Cut” which will eliminate any need for careful editing, taste…or style.

  2. wrjones says:

    There is never a question about taste or style – it doesn’t exist in my world.

    I downloaded some video editing “shareware” for which they want $70. What the hell kind of sharing is that? “Billy, share your toys with Lisa.” “OK, mom, but I’ll be needing a $20 after the 10 minute trial period.”

    So, I tried to move my Mango film from the camera to the “shareware” and found I had deleted the video. I’m a ways off from being a producer just yet. Christ, now Mango will demand big chicken for a re-shoot.

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