Tip For the Day: Keep Your Day Job

by Lisa

In my career as a painter, I often find that people are in awe of what I do. I have been asked if it is “just the greatest thing in the world to be able to paint?” I reply that indeed it is, that after painting all day every day, I often go and frolic barefooted amongst the bluebells and daisies in the woods while my silken dress billows in the wind and my flaxen hair falls around my shoulders while my etherealness lightens me and lifts me above the earth to…feel free to finish the sentence, and then to place yourself squarely at the mercy of your toilet.

Painting can be wonderful but it can also be hugely stressful. You only feel as good as your last painting and it can wax and wane. Painting is very hard to earn a living at. You must please people in some way, to do so. As a painter you usually suck at business and at selling yourself unless you are Thomas Kinkaide. In fact, painting is expensive and it takes a LONG time to learn while it costs you money. Painting is competitive. There are huge egos in the art world. To get noticed in the art world you have to submit to competitions (costs money) and IF you get accepted you must pay to ship the painting and hope it doesn’t get damaged. If you don’t get accepted your feelings are hurt.

And no, I do not get to paint every day. That is often asked of me. I have to take care of all manner of things related to painting: I shop for supplies; I stretch and tone canvases; I make business cards, announcements, flyers, ads. I teach classes and spend a lot of time arguing with my boss over what I should be getting paid; I clean my studio; I scout locations to paint at; I spend time on my computer searching through my files for reference pictures and printing them; I have to figure out how to ship a painting; I have to drive an hour to the gallery I’m in to deliver paintings; I have to keep Bill in line on the blog.  And then I have all my personal daily responsibilities as well.

If anyone out there, says they paint everyday, they’re lying, or they have a wife who does the grunt work. I don’t know any women who say they paint everyday, but I have heard men say that.

That settles it. I want a wife.

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10 Responses to Tip For the Day: Keep Your Day Job

  1. wrjones says:

    Damn, I’m starting to cry. What a sad tale.

  2. grfxho says:

    Are you taking applications? I’d sign up for the “shopping for supplies” bit… maybe even the “driving things around” part too.

  3. wrjones says:

    Hey grfxho, you don’t have time to drive around. Get to writing on your blog so I can have something a bit more uplifting to read.

  4. grfxho says:

    Oh, I’m sorry… I forgot it was my day to entertain you, Mr. Man. Just for that, the twins are yours all day tomorrow.

  5. lbtowers says:

    I got teary eyed reading it again myself.

  6. wrjones says:

    You might want to stop crying long enough to check your spelling Lisa.

    I love having the twins. A little codine and Tylenol in the Gerber’s carrots and they make perfect little models.

  7. lbtowers says:

    That was a GOOD one. Teary I’d instead of eyed. I’m losing it. Do you know I wrote a check to my hairstylist the other day, closed my checkbook and walked out without giving it to her? I’m losing my mind.

    PS, It is spelled codeine. I normally correct YOUR mispelled words, dear.

  8. wrjones says:

    That codeine business was just vengeance. You are not supposed to be seeking that you know. Maybe you should spend a little more time in church and listen instead of drawing.

  9. Yep, I even got a bit teary eyed….I realllllly understand. Rather then a wife we should all get a personal asst….less costly.

  10. wrjones says:

    What the hell, I’m in. I’ve been watching “Big Love” though so I think I’ll go for the multiple wives. I want some professionals: a lawyer to handle lawsuits; a doctor to treat my hypochrondia; and a sprinkling of intellectual companions for which I prefer middle aged women, you know, 19 or 20.

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