The Romantic Title

by Lisa

lavendar_veil.jpg  I recently added some brighter strokes of paint to the scarf on this painting. Bill bitched at me the other day for having boring titles to my paintings. Says the title helps sell the painting. I will call this one “The Lavender Veil”. It does sound better than “Barbara with Scarf on Head”.  I expect the inquiries to pour in with Bill heading the charge. The photo is pretty poor quality, but I had to grab it quickly as I also get bitched at if I don’t put a photo of something up with every post. Bill is a real slave driver you guys. My friend Pam asked why we don’t photograph things in the frame. I think that is a good idea myself since work always looks better that way. I think I will try to do that IF (oops) I have a frame that works really well with the piece.

Here is a link to a nice documentary that I think you all will enjoy: . In case anyone thinks I am totally adverse to working from photos, you’re wrong. I am adverse to learning from photos. Photos can provide important source material, and this documentary is a really good example of how well it can work when used by experienced painters.

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2 Responses to The Romantic Title

  1. wrjones says:

    Exellent weaseling on the photo use. I use a similar approach as to why I need to buy shit I have absolutely no need for.

  2. Chris Page says:

    I’d like to think I’m not adverse to learning from any source.

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