What A Good Husband I Am ~ bj

  Normally my wife gets up at 4AM to make me coffee and prepare a lunch.  This morning I let her sleep in; gave her a little mini vacation so to speak.  Of course I had to wake her up to let her know I was giving her a vacation.  I simply can’t see the point of being so damn generous if it is not recognized.  See what I mean?  I’m a great husband.

    On the way to work this morning I heard one of those ads.  You know, where in the last 10 seconds of the ad they turn on the very fast forward and sounding like Alvin the chipmunk, play 5 minutes of disclaimers.  What group of moron legislators felt this would benefit anyone?   I have no idea what the hell they are saying.  If you could capture the 10 seconds and slow it down it would probably sound like this, ” Y o u  a r e  d u m b e r  t h a n  4 0  w a t e r  b u f f a l o.   W e   a r e   g o i n g   t o   s k i n  y o u  a l i v e.    S e n d  y o u r   m o n e y  d i r e c t l y  t o  S h i f t y   S a l e s,   1 0 1  S K I N  O N E   A V E N U E,  C H I C K E N C R O T C H,  I A.”

    I mean, come on!  Can you imagine these people being saved?  “What’s that fellow saying, Earl?”  “I dunno, Lester.  But that 1% mortgage with no down, it doesn’t matter we just got out of prison and have no income, a bankruptcy, a bank robbery, and they throw in a year’s supply of Viaga, sure sounds good to me.”  “Yeah, me too.  Lucky we heard this and not those stupid wives  of ours, they would think there was something fishy about it.”   

     A few years ago I downloaded some images of drawings from the net.  They were so elegant I wanted them for occasional study.  Every once in awhile, including last night, I look at them again.  They are so simple looking and so expressive with so few lines; every time I’m sure I can draw like that.  I looked for a model reference to draw.  At home we don’t keep too many live nudes so I must use an artist’s reference book or as I tried last night the adult channels.   We have DVR so I can stop the image to draw.  The adult channels are pretty much an artistic waste.  They just do not get into elegant positions ever.  One good thing about those channels, however, is that they make you truly appreciate real acting.  Adult films and acting are antonyms.

   I can’t draw like that man.  How can something that looks so simple be so difficult?  His drawings have the look of quick sketch where the model poses for 2 minutes.  I take 20 minutes and still can’t get it.   I give up for now.  Here is an old drawing from a live (keep Lisa off my case)  model.  In a few months I will forget I can’t draw like that man and try again.

 figure-study-15.jpgThe image is very dim this size; you must click on it to actually see the pen and ink contour drawing.



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7 Responses to What A Good Husband I Am ~ bj

  1. grfxho says:

    I’m reminded of a friend of mine’s reaction regarding a pharmaceutical commercial. The drug in question was for the follicly-challenged male–it singled out males specifically–and part of its disclaimer said, “may cause strong menstrual cramps and bloating…”

    My friend, a man who has had a smooth, shiny head for many years exclaimed, “Hair is not worth THAT!”

    Disclaimers aside, I really like that drawing. I have nothing but gut reaction to go off of, of course, but I like her elbow and the line of the back, her ear (she has lovely ears)… and the look of something almost like concentration on the person’s face in the background on the right.

  2. wrjones says:

    Thanks. The person in the background was concentrating while drawing from the otherside of the model.

  3. Pam Woodley says:

    I like the sketch too. Very nice. What size is it? Is it for sale?


  4. wrjones says:

    Thanks Pam. The size is 12″x9″. It is ink on Strathmore drawing paper. I am willing to sell it but want to see how the process works when Lisa sets up her connection with PayPal.

  5. dragonflyshine says:

    The woman’s face is amazing. I cannot draw at all, but keep trying in spite of it all.
    It’s interesting that my SPAM has changed since the election. Now a good 1/4 of the things in the spambox are related to getting stimulus monies.

  6. wrjones says:

    Thanks dragonflyshine.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I keep discovering old posts of yours. so funny!!

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