Painting On

I’m back. Thank you all for asking. NOT!!! I have ebola, and not one note of sympathy, not one tear, not one See’s walnut chew. I guarantee you I am FULL of piss and vinegar now.

Have you all noticed Bill’s new avatar? I know, I know, what is an avatar? It’s that little tiny picture that represents us when we make comments that you will find in the side bar here (scroll down and look to your right). Mine is of my strange little doll form. “grfxho” is another blogger whom we love dearly and comments on our blog more that ANYBODY!!! And Bill’s looks like, I don’t know, it’s awfully small–let’s see, smock, LARGE palette, painting in the backgr–ohhhh–a painter.  He’s a PAINTER!!!!! Was that last Halloween Bill?  That’s a really good one. Piss and vinegar. Might have been worth a walnut chew.

Okay, I have tried positive reinforcement. I have complimented students when I see them holding their brushes by their ends. I have pointed out to others how far away another student may be standing from their canvas, in an attempt to embue the students with pride or to make others strive to achieve the same, and it just isn’t working. This is one of the hardest habits to break students of: to get them to paint at arm’s distance while holding their brushes at the end in order that they will see the painting as a whole and aid them in their difficult task.  Today I discovered a good way to make them do this. As soon as you see them, faces six inches from the surface, and paint brush in hand as if they are drawing eyelashes on a mouse with a pencil, when they are concentrating as hard as they can and the room is completely quiet, cup your hands into a roll in front of your mouth and in a low and booming voice call out “STEP AWAY FROM YOUR CANVAS”. It works great. They start out by jumping with fright. Hopefully, they will have accidentally dragged one color or value into the next with the jump, loosening something up, (they will certainly view it as a flaw at first), and then they will, if all goes as planned, remember it–the negative reinforcement that is. Okay, I’m sorry you guys, it was really obnoxious of me. But it worked!!!! By the way, next week I will resume my weekly post of a student work. Thank you for asking. NOT…

Have I mentioned how much I like Bill’s avatar?

Click here if you think Bill needs a beret in it. 


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5 Responses to Painting On

  1. grfxho says:

    Here I thought he was merely standing in front of some woman holding a UPS package or something. That’s a painting of a woman? They’re both sort of vague people-shapes at that size, really.

  2. wrjones says:

    With a critical eye like yours, you should be a painter. That is a UPS package. That is a photo of me getting ready to give the package of your red socks to the UPS woman standing behind me. She is in a winter coat as she just returned from delivering a pile of my knitted socks to an Eskimo village.

  3. grfxho says:

    I’m one of those people who makes an absolute mess with the simplest of projects, but especially those involving paint.

    This is why I use the computer screen as my canvas, and stick to vector & photographic art.

    Are you a psychic knitter? Your avatar was up before I asked for red socks.

  4. lbtowers says:

    Okay, I am just joking about Bill’s avatar. I think he looks very debonair. Downright Zornish. He looks like he could paint the Queen’s royal portrait, or a scene from Napolean’s Last Stand. I even like how he managed to get his thumb in the hole of the palette. Takes a trained eye to see the symbolism and detail packed into this seemingly simple avatar.


  5. wrjones says:

    Hey, aren’t you supposed to be selling paintings somewhere?

    And, yes, I am a psychotic knitter, and everything else as well. I’m hearing voices right now, “Oh Bill, oh Bill, get your ass to work.”

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