Paper Roses Paper Roses

paperflowers_post.jpg  They are not roses? No shit; you a botanist?

    I just used the title paper roses because that song was playing in my mind in the shower this morning.  These are paper flowers of some kind.

    Erika called me yesterday to remind me of the upcoming birthday of my wife.  Otherwise I would have forgotten … again.  When I asked what she suggest I get, it was, “I dunno”.  Well, I says, I know just what she needs, a video camera.  “I don’t think she wants one.”  “Yes she does, I’m sure of it.  You may have to call and remind me again as it gets closer to July 29.”  “I don’t think I will have to remind you to get yourself something.”  “No, but you may need to remind me to wrap it like it was for her.” 

   I should just give her this painting.  Still, I hear that divorce is painful so maybe not.

  head-study-7.jpg Head study done while watching TV.   A bit blurry; it is not your eyes.


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6 Responses to Paper Roses Paper Roses

  1. grfxho says:

    I’m not a botanist, but I play one on TV. It’s not as sexy as a doctor, but it really gets me in with the thremmatologists.

    Instead of a painting of flowers, why not some real flowers for your wife’s birthday? Sure it’s cliche, but it’s also a classic (and a cliche) for a reason. Do something other than roses though, and hand-make a card maybe? I hear you can draw or paint or something; I’m guessing you can also handle scissors and glue if needed. I have some Spongebob Valentines Stickers you can borrow.

  2. wrjones says:

    That’s quite a word. Can’t find it in the dictionary. There are some T shirts with I Love Thremmatologists on them. I guess I won’t get one. I can visualize the reaction. “Whats that mean?” “Dunno.” “Why did you buy it then?” “Milkweed knows what it means and she uses it.”

    Oh, I’m a handyman alright, I have a post around here somewhere describing how I cut the edge off the round oak kitchen table. And another how I permanently glued a jigsaw puzzle to a friend’s table. No, I think I’ll stay away from scissors and glue just to be safe.

    Would you rather have a handmade card with Spongebob stickers than a painting?

    Anyway, if I follow your very reasonable suggestion, how I’m I going to end up with a video camera?

  3. grfxho says:

    Duh. You buy the video camera to capture her surprise and joy when you give her the flowers; explain to her that every moment with her is absolutely priceless and you want to be able to revisit each of them whenever the need to see her smile overwhelms you.

    …or just say you thought it was neat, and you really wanted a new toy…

    Thremmatology. Try looking for that one instead of the -gist version.

    I would prefer anything that had been made with care and love over store-bought, but I’m a complete and total cheaply wooed sucker that way. Just ask my son; I love the paper towel tube microphone/megaphone he made me for Mother’s Day. (So I could sing like American Idol, of course.)

    I’ve read those posts, but apparently I blocked them out. You’re not allowed to use glue; I’ve changed my mind.

  4. wrjones says:

    I like your thinking. I will have to touch base with you again just before Christmas to see how I can maximize my take while appearing selfless.

    Couldn’t you just tell me. Man, it was a lot of keystrokes looking that up. We have discussed my being shit all lazy haven’t we?

    I just sniff glue now.

  5. grfxho says:

    Do you think the laziness is connected to the glue sniffing?

  6. wrjones says:

    Nah, I never wanted to do diddly from the start. My first words out of the womb, “Could I have a nip of milk? Then I think I’ll take a little nap.”

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