Saturday Evening Post Covers

satevepost1_post.jpg  I was going to post an update to the toddler portrait but my last photo was just pathetic.  Wrong color, crooked, etc.

    After working on Redpeck, my nickname for the toddler as she has red hair, I had some time so I did this small monochrome of a 1927 Saturday Even Post cover.   First let me explain the name Redpeck.  It is funny how some words stick with you over the years; words that have no particular meaning.  We were playing in a high school golf tournament; when a red headed player from an opposing team approached the first tee, a member of my team shouted, “hey, Redpeck, don’t clutch.”  We were from Iowa but not country gentlemen.

    The Saturday Evening Post covers make me nostalgic.  I can remember sitting in the easy chair and reading the magazine each week.  Those illustrations are so much better at eliciting emotions than, most – not all- but most, of the pure abstract crap.  I would like to do a series of these old covers.  Of course, for me a series is 2 and then I move on to yet another hairbrained scheme.

 Click here to warn me of Lisa’s approach – say this is an original – not a copy


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