I’m Too Tired To Paint

head-study-6.jpg  Every weekday when I awake it is the same; I say to myself, “today I’m going to paint after work.”   Everyday when I get home, I’m too tired.  I thought I would just do some drawings during the week.  I normally sit in front of the TV and draw for an hour or so each day anyway.  My regular practice is to throw these drawings away.  Now I think I’ll post a few here.

    I think this drawing is unusual in that, to me at least, it looks better when you click on it and view it larger.  Most of the time these images look better to me the smaller they are.

    This is a graphite drawing using a 2mm lead.   I’m going to re-buy some Conte pencils for drawings I may want to post.  I’m not a hoarder (well, for most things anyway) so I threw away just about all of my drawing tools.  Now I want them back.  So what’s new?  To avoid a brow beating from my wife I’ve got to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why I need to purchase stuff I should already have.  Whoa, this is getting boring, Lisa will be on my case if I don’t write better than this.

    She is returning tomorrow.  It is about time.  She has been putzing around in the muddle of the country long enough.  Lisa shouldn’t leave me alone; she must use her head as a button to keep her spinal cord from unraveling, just look what I’ve done to our blog. 

Click here if you have some Conte pencils to give me or a good lie for my wife  


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