A Stiff Bare ~ I Don’t Know Why These Things Are So Valuable

teddy-post.jpg A very stiff bear!

    I was watching “Antiques Roadshow” the other night and saw someone’s Steiff bear appraised at a small fortune.  So I say to myself, “What the hell, I can paint a ratty looking stiff bear”.  Here he is; for you people who can’t spell for shit this is your opportunity to pick up one of these fuzzy little things for a later appearance on “Antiques Roadshow”.  You are going to look like a collector genius. 

    Also, sucking your thumb and rubbing this fuzzy bear against your nose is an excellent way to get to sleep.

Click here to start your bare collection


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9 Responses to A Stiff Bare ~ I Don’t Know Why These Things Are So Valuable

  1. grfxho says:

    The other bear in your toddler portrait is very cutesy-cuddly and new looking. This one probably smells like mothballs or melted crayons after the life he’s had. His fur has been rubbed the wrong way in places.

    When are you going to paint more snack foods?

  2. wrjones says:

    A. The bear fur is a little thin in places due to rubbing against my nose to fall asleep.

    Lisa paints the snack food. She does it well, don’t you think? At the moment she is off playing in the muddle of the country but she will be back tomorrow. I think I would rather see her paint a Snickers and a can of Pepsi One. In times past I would have wanted a pack of cigarettes as well, but those days are gone.


  3. grfxho says:

    I looked at Lisa’s paintings and found some lovely roses and portraits, but nothing like the Dots (even though a copy) and The Kernel and his old maids. (I like that one a lot.)

    I apologize for mocking your bear and saying he probably smelled like melted crayons.

  4. wrjones says:

    You can make any comments you want about the paintings; positive or negative. I’m not sensitive (about most things anyway).

    I’m a bit curious as to how you recognize the smell of melted crayons. Have you been smoking them?

  5. grfxho says:

    No, I’ve never smoked a thing in my life. I was tempted once, by these strawberry “flavored” cigarettes a friend of mine was into. They smelled divine, and I was sure they’d taste that way. But all of my friends, knowing I had never smoked before, refused to give me one because they didn’t want me to start like they had.

    I did as a child, however, put crayons on a heating vent because the little grooves held them perfectly while I was drawing on the floor. Kids, don’t try that at home.

    My comment about bear was based on the brush strokes though, and the way you were able to make it look like the bear had been “well-loved.” It was a definite contrast to the bear in the toddler picture, as I said before. I like this bear better because he has character and a more of a possible story, even if he does smell like burnt crayons. He spurs the imagination more than the “new” bear.

  6. wrjones says:

    Wow, you had some good friends, Mine actively sought my participation in smoking, drinking, lying, and cheating. And that was just the group from the Methodist church.

  7. grfxho says:

    I pretty much led the pack on the other “wild” behaviors. Smoking was the one thing they all banded together to influence me on, and they took it in the opposite direction.

    They did, however, continue to smoke those delicious-smelling cigarettes in front of me…and sometimes blew the fragrant smoke AT me. Maybe I need to re-examine my friends’ behavior after all…

  8. wrjones says:

    Yes, you might like to review your pals. Friends don’t let friends buy that much Star Wars stuff.

  9. grfxho says:

    Friends NOTHING. You think I told anyone I was doing that? No one can stop it if they don’t know it’s happening. Rules to Live By, folks.

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