Shotglass Rose ~ The Neighbors Are Pissed

blue-shot-glass-post.jpg  This is a recent painting of a rose.  

    One obstacle to floral work is they keep dying.  Thus one must continually replenish one’s subject matter.  This gets expensive or dangerous; the only source of free flowers is the neighbors’ gardens.  

    Looking at this finished work I’ve become more aware of the dangers of painting and drinking.  I’m certain this started life as a rose.  What happened here?  I can think of two plausible explanations:  1) My ratio of drinking to painting was too high; 2) When the neighbors started screaming and throwing rocks at me for borrowing their flowers, I cut the wrong variety in my haste to escape.

    My neighbors have informed me they are aware of my foraging in their flower beds.  I think to be safe I will change to painting subjects like almonds in a milk glass.

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4 Responses to Shotglass Rose ~ The Neighbors Are Pissed

  1. Oh, this made me smile for how well I understand….while never the same, I have taken to photographing rather then taking, the neighbors are back to waving hello.
    Love the painting!

  2. wrjones says:

    Excellent idea, but after that first drink, my hand, on it’s own, reaches for the flower stealing scissors. I put on my camo and head for the neighbor’s concertina wire. They are getting serious about that garden. I wonder if they will let me have flowers in jail.

  3. Rick Nilson says:

    You might not get flowers in jail, but crack is a lot easier to get. My neighbor’s don’t have any good crack.

  4. wrjones says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Rick. I’m off crack now that I finished paying for my new teeth. You need to move to a trailer park in Montana; you’ll find some neighbors with meth and they will go shooting with/at you as well.

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