Painting Flowers ~ No More Sharing Needles For Me

red-shot-glass-post.jpg  I have a set of colored shot glasses; thought it would be a good idea to drink and paint as a combo activity so to speak.  There is a drawback in this approach to flower painting.  You must remove the flowers, drink the shot, then replace the flowers in the original position. 

    You can see that after a few drinks I took off my tie to get comfortable.  A further complication was these flowers are oleanders.  I started to worry about poisoning myself.  I reasoned I should take two drinks for each pass; it cut back on worry and I didn’t have to wash the glass so often.  Things went downhill after that decision.

    I woke up (or should I say came to) with my face buried in the cad yellow.   When I saw my yellow skin in a mirror I was certain I either had hepatitis or had poisoned myself.  I think of myself as cautious; others (it seems like everybody else) consider me a hypochondriac.  Whatever, I’m not sharing my needles anymore.  I’m all done with those wild botox parties.  Anyway my skin is like a baby’s bottom already.

    Lisa is coming back next Saturday so get your little coin purses ready to start bidding on her paintings.  Hell, why wait?  You tell me which of her pieces you want and send the money directly to me.  I’ll be sure to give her a fair share (the very top 10 per cent).

Click here to tell me which of Lisa’s paintings you want and how much you are willing to give me for it  


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