Left Holding The Blog ~ And Painting That Little Bugger’s Portrait

    Lisa has disappeared and left me “holding the blog” so to speak.  I hope she gets fat.

    I may need a new blog partner.  You’ll probably want to get in line early for this interview.  There will be a ton (that is quantity, not weight)  of ladies wanting this position.  Here is my partital list of qualifications:

     1.  Female –  I need a counter balance to my hardcore masculine paintings and views on bull riding, hunting,  phishing (whoops – I mean fishing), top finishes in body building contests, etc.

    2.  Superb  painting skills

    3.  Exemplary drawing skills

    4.  Solid writing

    5.  Does laundry (without whining about equality)

    6.  Irons well; at least shirts and pants (without whining about equality)

    7.  Good empathic listening skills (to put up with my whining)

    8.  Gormet cook

   9.  Ability to maintain and repair autos – specialty training for the VW Eurovan would be a plus here

  10.  Tons of (here we are talking about weight) money –  someone will need to pay for my planned Euro play and paint excursions. 

    My daughter, Erika, says she is trying to help with her comments.  She thinks dad is somewhat slow and won’t recognize her attempt to preempt my acid remarks about her total lack of ability to finish a painting.  I had sort of forgotten her painting of a human heart on a scale that has been setting idle for several years now.   It came back to me after this following conversation, where I asked her opinion on one of my, slower to finish, paintings:

“What do you think of this painting?” “Is that still here? You’ve been working on that since I was in 8th grade.  I’m 26 now, Dad.”  “Just tell me what you think.”  “What’s that she is holding? Did you repaint that again?”  “Well, yea, I had to so it would not be lost in the fur.  So, what do you think?”  “I was just wondering what background you were going to paint in next, you’ve changed it so often.”  “Jesus Christ, do you like it or not?”  “Oh yea, I just love it, Dad.  Oh, it’s a beauty all right.   Whoa, what a masterpiece.  I’m so surprised the Getty hasn’t sent someone to pick it up.   Can we go eat now?” 

Here is my start on the toddler see post “A Toddler’s Oil Portrait ~ Creating A Painting”:


I would not normally paint this way, i.e. paint the head then the rest.  I would work the entire piece.  For this painting I did not have an idea for the background but it was a portrait from a head photo so the head was certainly going to be required.  I placed the head in the corner instead of the middle (as in the photo) to give myself room to do “something” with the background to generate at least a small bit of interest.

And here is a photo of my cowboy artist painting companion, Mango.  Ever alert, he does not run off an leave me holding the blog, and he does not make snide remarks because I’m a little slow at completing work.



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