A Toddler’s Oil Portrait ~ Creating A “Painting”

kanan-road_post.jpg    I’m working on a painting of a toddler.   If you are visually gifted, you will recognize that this is not the image of a toddler.  Well, it could be one of those where’s Waldo deals.  See if you can find a kid in this painting.  If you do and you send me a comment, I will send you a tube (1/4 full) of Preparation H.  I used the rest so I could sit to paint.

   Really this is a bait and switch painting.  You come in the studio to buy this and will leave owning an original baby Jane oil. 

   You may have been through this yourself.  “Oh, isn’t she/he precious?  Could you make a small painting for me, and have it ready by Father’s Day?”

    You are handed a small photo taken with a Tim, the toolman, flash.   There could be a face behind that washed out glare; you have to use your imagination. 

    I hate these paintings, but my wife asked me to do it so here I am.   I think I may have missed the Father’s Day deadline as a show of passive aggression.  I was complaining about the project to a friend, whining about the need to come up with a background to replace the Sears Robuck blue “Photo of your kid for $10” backdrop.  She had a suggestion about including some toddler related images.  Now the work is somewhat less of a grinding chore.  The design is a big part of the enjoyment of creating a “painting” (not just a copy of some kid’s head).

  When complete I will, of course, share it with you.  I may have to charge a small viewing fee.  Upfront.


  Click here to leave a comment and win a partial tube of Preparation H »

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One Response to A Toddler’s Oil Portrait ~ Creating A “Painting”

  1. Erika says:

    I’m leaving comments to spruce up your blog. Here’s an idea…as your apprentice, I think we should paint the same still life (a small one of course so I actually finish a painting) and post it on your blog. It could be fun. Did I win the partial tube of Preperation H?

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