They Don’t Need Paintin’

harvest_small.jpg  Before I say anything about this painting I feel I must answer that libelous remark by Lisa (see her post “The Painter’s Pursuit Of Dishonesty”).  She likes to needle people.  She didn’t really mean that statement about painting my head on Brad Pitt’s body.  She was just teasing.  She knows full well my nickname is Ironman.  I will let you visualize what type of body goes with a name like that.  Yes, that’s right, a body Brad Pitt would act like he would die for.

    Now to the painting –  yesterday I was in the cafeteria ordering a fried egg sandwich; as I was watching the cook fry the egg a woman came from the back of the kitchen carrying a platter of bright red peppers.  I said to her that I thought they were very pretty, I would like to paint them.  “They don’t need paintin”, she replied; with a stern look, she turned and stalked away.  The cook and I were in tears.  Sometimes ignorance is very humorous.

  Without any peppers to paint I turned to this squash to relieve that need to paint something itch.

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