The Art of the Demo

purple-roses-in-silver-001.jpg This was a demo I did for my class. Having taught for going on ten years now, I have become fairly comfortable with doing demonstrations. However, I still get a touch of stagefright when commencing and it involves a sinking fear that I have suddenly forgot how to paint. We’ve always heard the old trick that to overcome stagefright one should imagine the audience being naked. I hate to tell you guys but…

 Anyway, I came up with a top ten list of things that make for a bad demo…

10 the class is really naked

9  I realize I have forgotten my brushes, my paints,  my canvas and my brain

8  the subject to be painted is an iguana

7  the subject to be painted is an iguana on a nude and there are teenage boys in the audience

6  the subject is a person, and they are nude, but you are painting a head and shoulders portrait

5  Bill is in the audience-naked

4  students begin to tell you what to paint next, and eventually ask to see your brush

3  a question from the audience is “How often do you rotate your tires?”

2  blowing your nose on a soiled paint rag

…and the number one, top ten thing that makes a bad demo:

1  realizing that you are a librarian, a nurse, a chimney sweep, a lawyer, or anything but a painter


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