The Art of the Miniature Painting

     Bill’s painting of Sue Bauer is one of my favorites of his. Nicely done. I am convinced Bill could have a whole career in painting hands alone, because he seems to be nailing that part of his portraits regularly.

     I have to admit, I am woefully behind Bill in the posting-my-paintings-department, and I intend to correct that as Bill reminds me of it regularly and struts around like a rooster. I will start showing more of the work I am currently doing. For one thing, we are going to begin posting small and miniature paintings each day that will be for sale through ebay. You will be able to click on the link and go directly to our ebay store, and bid away. Now I realize that ‘small’ and ‘miniature’ sounds redundant, so let me explain. A small painting indicates size alone. A small painting can be of an object that is actual size. A miniature painting tends to be small as well, but is usually of a larger subject. This means it tends to look like a tiny little version of a large painting. In case any of you, our viewers, are not ebay savvy, be assured it is very easy to bid on ebay. You have to set up an ebay account, and that takes all of about one minute, then you find the item you want to bid on (our paintings will be in the ‘Art’ catagory), click on ‘place a bid’, and you’re off and running. Ebay makes it real easy.

     So stand by for our kick off sale. I will be posting one of my miniature paintings within the next few days. Cock-a-doodle-doo to you Bill.



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