Odd Indeed – Painter of the Weird

    Odd is aptly named.  I’m guessing his nickname is Pec, short for Peculiar.  I do not know what Lisa sees in his work.  Technical ability is to be admired; but, while necessary, is not sufficient for a good painting.  Medical illustrators have great technical ability to paint a heart, liver, human form, etc., but when you see the images they are not emotionally moving.   

    A good painter can make you feel something whether painting a beautiful woman or a garbage filled alley.  Unfortunately there does not seem to be a “secret” or a manual to give instruction for the rest of us to achieve this with any consistency.

    Now Odd is creating emotional appeal, at least for Lisa.  And, since his books seem to sell, I suppose for a larger group as well. 

    When I look at his work I think anyone who likes this stuff has something unusual going on in their head.  Perhaps they have received a hard blow, or suffered a minor stroke, or maybe the neurons have an arrangement found near the 6 sigma tic.  I feel the same way about anyone who professes to like Van Gogh’s  “Starry Night”; that obvious migraine precursor aura.  

   This is not a condemnation, but a rather unscientific explanation as to how anyone could feel differently than me.  Of course, different is not necessarily bad.  They could be either much brighter and more understanding than I, or they could be morons.

   I’ve always found that an idea is easier to understand if given with an example.  Therefore, I’m including an example here in the following painting, “Kernal and His Old Maids”:


    This is the subject matter of a mature adult painter – I practically cry every time I look at it.

    By the way, today’s prize for the most comments is a new pair of gym socks.  So click on the “No Comments” below to tell me how much this painting moves you. (Not you, Mom)   


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