Odd Nerdrum – The New Testament

I just received my new copy of Nerdrum’s latest book. I originally ordered it last November, and apparently there was a hold up on the printing. Bill and I wondered if Mr. Nerdrum had got picky about some of his images and demanded the presses be held. At any rate, it is a beautiful book that weighs about 50 pounds. There are many new paintings in the book that I have never seen before, as well as lots of his studies, sketches and drawings. I am always fascinated to see any artist’s process, and because Nerdrum is my favorite painter, I am glued to these pages.

Bill does not share my fascination with Odd. Which is odd. So is he. Nerdrum not Bill. Actually Bill is odd too, and I would think odd attracts odd, but Bill has not arrived yet, and there is still hope. Actually, many share Bill’s attitude. It is difficult to get by the initial subject matter since it is…well…odd redefined, shall we say. I once dragged a group of friends to an opening for one of his shows in LA, and some of the friends were not artists at all. I don’t think they have thought of me in the same way since. But I always tell people that if you cannot relate to his theme, then appreciate his technique which is a beautiful, masterful old-world style, bested by nobody. Nerdrum rules. Just ignore the paintings of people pooping on a rock. He can paint the shit out of that poop.


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2 Responses to Odd Nerdrum – The New Testament

  1. Laura says:

    Very funny :)

  2. I am a student of his and I must say that Odd is just as strange as a person. Strange and brilliant and almost psychic… or just incredibly, incredibly observant. Which I guess is also evident from his paintings. He regards “Twilight” as one of his greatest masterpieces and says that it was the painting that made him. He’s just as interested in the philosophical and conceptual underpinnings of painting as in the technique itself.

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