Autumn Spotlight – The Right Drug For Painting


Alright, I’ve had enough of the hot weather. Its been two days now. I’m ready for Autumn; my favorite time of year. We used to hunt squirrels in the fall. Not this kind of course, the red fox squirrel. I loved being out in the woods with a ham sandwich, Snickers bar, apple, and a pack of cigarettes (I was around 12 then and had to sneak the smokes – they were much more enjoyable that way).

Oh, others may not be impressed by my paintings but this little fellow is. Notice how he stares. He is transfixed in admiration of my painting of the orange leaf. If you look at this piece long enough (and take the same drugs I’m on –
click here to order from Bill) you will see how the squirrel never takes his eyes off that beautiful leaf. Also, you may see the leaf flutter in the mild breeze. This vision takes about 20 minutes for the drug buzz to kick in and over stimulate your visual neurons.


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