Cary and the Giant Wave


Wave Study by Cary Solomon

This week I thought Cary did a great job on her wave study. She climbed the mountain for the foam lace in that sucker. Painting the foam to look natural and spontaneous is not as easy as one might think. Cary really struggled with it, but persevered as Cary will do, and in the end, she got a pretty painting of a stormy-looking sea. Cary is a teacher’s dream student because she works really hard at home taking what she learned in class and trying to apply it to new studies on her own. She has a tenacity for conquering the challenges that I don’t often see in students–a very important trait for becoming a good painter. I am going to have to try Cary’s technique of talking to her canvas and assigning personalities to her brushstrokes! It’s working for her!

Here is a really fun bit of video to watch. I saw this guy or another one like him years ago at an art festival in Miami. It’s quite a trick, and now I want to try it. Maybe that will be the next demo I do in class! Wouldn’t that surprise my students! Click this link:




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