Painting – A Safe Hobby?

    After confessing to that little mistake I made with the jigsaw puzzle (see Arts and Crafts – Don’t Come Back), I got to thinking that maybe I wasn’t smart enough to learn to paint.  I don’t believe I’m stupid, but then who does think that of themselves?   Consider the following and let me know what you think (not you Lisa).

    Years ago I decided to build a covered rocking cradle for my infant son.  The project turned out much like my larger paintings in that by the time I finished the cradle my son was 18; years that is, not months.

    For a cradle side I needed to rip a board.  For you who are not as experienced in these woodworking matters as I, ripping means cutting the long way.  I clamped the board to the kitchen table as I did not have a workbench.  Using my bother-in-law’s circular saw I started the cut.   Along about 3/4 of the way through the cut I noticed how the round oak table top circled under the piece I was cutting.  Have you ever had that ugly sinking feeling that you have made an irreversible bad mistake?

    I ran across the street to where my wife was having coffee with the neighbors.  “Promise you won’t get mad.”  “Why, what did you do?”  “Nothing, promise you won’t get mad.”  “What have you done this time?”  “Promise?”  “Jesus H. Christ, OK OK, what did you do?”  “You know that antique oak kitchen table?” “Oh God, you moron, have you been making things again?”  “I sort of trimmed the side of the table.  It doesn’t look too bad.  I think if I sand and stain it, it will hardly show.”

  A little mistake, could happen to anybody, right?

  Just to be safe, I’m staying away from power tools.  If I wear safety goggles (instead of beer goggles) I should be ok with painting.


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