Arts And Crafts – And Don’t Come Back

    I was recently helping a friend place a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  This brought back a memory of a long ago “Art” project.  While staying with friends, I completed a puzzle of a garden wall covered in flowers (oh oh, I hope the boys down at the corral don’t read this – I told them it was a puzzle of a bull rider). 

    My brain was working in its usual fashion of throwing off brilliant ideas, when one in particular caught my attention.  I would epoxy the puzzle and give it to my friends to hang as a wall piece.   

   I very very carefully slid some newspaper sheets under the puzzle, purchased the clear drying epoxy, mixed it, and poured it over the puzzle.        

    As usual, I was the first one up the next day.  I went straight away to see my masterwork.  There it was, epoxied to their solid maple dining room table.  I mean epoxied TO the table.  Newsprint is, apparently, invisible to epoxy.  That puzzle was going to be the center piece of the table until it became firewood.

    My tip of the day is this – don’t glue a puzzle to your friend’s table.  They won’t like it no matter how pretty the image.  They never invited me back.


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