Life or Death Painting

     And now I would like to respond to Bill’s post titled “Paint from Photo – Go to Hell; Bring Rd, Yw, Orn Paint to Capture the Light”. I have to admit it took me awhile to figure out that title too. Please read his post so you will understand my responses.

     DON’T paint the little shit; either kill the damned otter, or don’t paint the little shit; Uncle Earl should have had the sense to have his damn portrait painted before he died.

     As regards Bill’s question about my copying a painting from a photo (see Lisa Page), yes, I did, and this is a perfect example of why it does not work well. If you look at the link I direct you to to compare my copy to the original, the colors are WAY different. Who knows which reproduction is closest. Next time I want to copy a painting at the Getty I will insist that they break their rules just for me, and allow me to park my easel and hundreds of pastels directly in front of the masterwork I would like to copy. I hope they won’t mind if I bring my own light as well since rooms with pastels are WAY underlit for copying.

     Finally, who needs 100 hours to paint a single model?????? If you require that kind of time, you need to go back to painting a damned egg. Along those same lines, if you are going to brave the elements to be a plein aire painter, once again, you better learn to paint fast.  You will never acquire that skill which tends to produce spontaneous loose paintings, if you rely on the use of photos. But you may be eligible for the Artwalk circuit.


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