Sit Still Will Ya?

As I was shooting that photo (no not our banner group – the Tuesday night model, Barbara – see the May 29th and 30th posts about camera work) I was thinking “this model is on uppers; she is vibrating like a Timothy seed in a tornado”.  That’s most likely the reason the photo and painting came out kind of blurry.  She most certainly owes me an apology don’t you think?  I do have a minor hand tremor but not so bad as to affect my ophthalmic surgical practice.  License?  Do you need one?   Skipping that expensive training is what allows me to keep my prices down.  Another savings I pass almost part of on to my patients is the lack of insurance.  If things go wrong; hey, I’m only human, I have found an alternative to the insurance dollar.  It’s one of those win win type of deals.  The patient has a little trouble seeing; I give him one of my paintings (I still have to charge for the framing of course) to compensate for his loss.  My paintings tend to look better to someone with bad vision setting in a dimmed room anyway.

One of the features I really like about Barbara is her lovely hair.  So, of course, Lisa puts on that scarf.  It cost her $40 (oops I hope her husband, Randy, doesn’t read this) so she said the scarf was going on the model’s head or around my pencil neck, my choice.

barbara-_small.jpg      alison_small.jpg

Barbara                       Alison

Here are my efforts at the last two models for the Tuesday night sessions.  I’m putting them next to each other to illustrate the effect of having more or less light on your canvas/palette.  For Barbara I had a very bright light on my canvas while for Alison I was standing in a darkened area of the room.  I suppose the ideal light to have on the canvas and palette would be the exact lighting as where the painting will eventually hang.  That would handicap me significantly as I would be painting in total darkness to simulate the light on the inside of a trash can.

I like our banner.  A fine looking group of painters.  It looks pretty clear and steady so I guess it wasn’t me who took the photo.  I can’t be sure what with my memory problem and all.


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2 Responses to Sit Still Will Ya?

  1. laura newman says:

    Grammar Girl says that you should be more consistent with your paragraph design. Either indent your paragraphs or double space between paragraphs. Then I will read it.


  2. laura newman says:

    Grammar Girl noticed that you have not fixed your errors in paragraph design. C-

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