Don’t Even Give Bill A Camera

Dear dear Bill,

I can see you had a great deal of fun writing your last post, and I hate to rain like a dark cloud over your glorious parade, but you seem to have forgotten that I handed YOU the camera that night and told you that I specifically did not want to be responsible for a blurry photo, having no tripod. I think maybe the Jordan Almonds that you consumed in bulk that night, may have had mercury in them. Apparently mercury causes memory loss as well as the shakes….and from now on, lighting the model just became your job…now that you have been fired from photographing them.

Tomorrow I am taking my class to the beach to study the ocean. I spent hours there yesterday scouting a good location where we could work. I have an important tip for all you budding seascape painters: do not stand on rocks that are wet. If you do, make sure you have an extra set of clothing with you.   And an extra camera.


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