Don’t Let Lisa Take Your Wedding Photos

Last week we had a model that I had asked to pose.  Because of this I felt some obligation to produce at least a reasonable painting for her efforts.  Normally I like the three hour sessions particularly because at the end of that time I’m done.  I’m done whatever the results.  Sometimes I get a decent piece, sometimes a porker, but most of the time something in between.  Whatever the results I don’t take a photo and I don’t work on that painting again.

Knowing I wasn’t likely to produce a finished enough work during the pose, I asked Lisa to take a photo from my view point.  When she emailed me the jpg file, she said she was sorry but it was a little blurry. Girls and boys; word of the day – UNDERSTATEMENT.  That thing looked like a Wiley coyote chase scene; an arm here, a leg there, and a big ball of fuzz in the middle.    If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her – well, I guess just that one time (or maybe I forgot to tell her), lay off the Tuna.   Forget about turps, the mercury poisoning from too much tuna will give you the shakes so bad you have to rivet yourself in place to get a good photo.

It may be my old fashion upbringing, but I think Lisa owes Barbara an apology for the – here I would like to use the word weak instead of the more accurate “shitty” painting I produced.  I just don’t feel responsible.  What do you think?  

And another thing.  I’m tired of the Rembrant lighting (perhaps because of my “weak” piece).  The old geezer is long gone.  Can’t we move on?  We don’t have the same music; we’ve moved away from clog dancing and mandolin to the more uplifting sounds of rap.  Shouldn’t we update our lighting as well?


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