Business / Calling Cards


I recently used this painting to create a new business card.   I really don’t need a business card at all; I don’t have a business.  So I’ll call them calling cards.  Some groups of the wealthy still use calling cards.   I got one once.  I must have looked perplexed at the lack of information on the card because she (the giver) explained the concept of calling cards to me as if I just rode into town on a load of pumpkins.

They are easy to create and quite inexpensive.  I use  Go to the site, choose business cards, full color, and the blank version of either portrait or landscape layout.  This takes you to an upload screen where you upload your image.  From there you have simple controls to move the image on the card and add text.  The text size, position, fonts, and color are easily changed.  I paid $30 for 250 cards on the upgraded linen paper.   One confusing area of the site is that after you save an image and want to modify it, you must take the design all the way to the checkout cart before you can modify it.  This is scary.  However, it is the only avenue to allow change and you are not committed to buy until your design is complete and you wish to make the purchase.

There you go – a fabulous tip if I do say so.   Get hopping on creating your elegant calling cards.  Give them to your friends.  First, in the mirror, practice that snooty look you will give them when they wonder what in the hell are you passing out useless cards for.  “This is my calling card you big hick dummy”.


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