Study by Mariel


Each week I am going to be posting one piece of student work from my classes that I think shows progress, or an understanding of the exercise. 

Today my students did small studies of a complicated still life. I deliberately made it intricate with many items and insisted they paint the entire thing within the three hour class. The idea was to get them to address things quickly and simply. It was suppose to be done so small that they could not address detail, only the “big things”. For instance, they had to show the direction of light on each item in the set up. I assure you, I heard an awful lot of moaning and groaning over this exercise, but in the end everyone walked away with a good statement. Some hated this exercise, and some loved it. Admittedly, it was difficult. Many students used the whole canvas up, and did nice paintings, but missed the point of the thumbnail studies.

It wasn’t easy to choose, but I decided to go with Mariel’s study. I am impressed that, despite the fact that she came in late and missed the initial explanation, I heard no whining from her, and she created perhaps the smallest study of all which was what I was looking for. She seem to understand the exercise better than most. You can also see the direction of the light on her objects. Good job Mariel, and to all of you.

 Joe Cibere posted a nice comment that you can open and read from Lisa Page. Click on “Joe Cibere” to the right under Blogroll to check out his very slick and informative blog. Joe’s a great watercolor teacher you guys!!!


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