Too light, too dark

We did the Tuesday evening sufferfest last night; Lisa forced us to paint this diaphanous head scarf.   I noticed that last week I was standing in relative darkness and later, in “normal” room lighting, the painting was too light.  This week we had some strong lamps, provided by Wendy, which really illuminated the canvas and palette.  Then when I looked at the piece in “normal” room lighting it was too dark.  This phenomena has long been understood by all but the blind.  By talking about this problem here I’m hoping to encourage the very enlightened of our collectors to pony up the capital to give us full north light at the flip of a (remote – I’m painting from a recliner) switch.

Suffering – Big Time,

When I got home last night not only was my painting too dark, I had a letter from the IRS claiming I owe another $44000 in taxes.  They have made an error but I’m not completely sure of my ablility to make clear to them the mistake they made.  This means prices for my work will have to rise dramatically.  Yes, even for the orphanages that have been long time collectors.  They mostly buy the landscapes – apparently they use them on the bottom of the bird cages as it makes the birds feel more at home.


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