Bill Painting


Indeed, there was a plethora of whining going on over the issue of the scarf. By the time we were done both Wendy and Bill were singing praises to God for its beauty. I thanked them kindly. We will post pictures of our paintings soon, but none of us got far enough along, or are brave enough to post what we got yet.

Now about your problem with the light Bill–I am going to post a picture here that Wendy took of you. I tried to ‘fix’ it in photoshop, but the light on you was SO bright, it is no wonder you had trouble. Yes, that is it on the right side, and you can tell from its proximity that you were probably going to use dark values a lot since they still looked bright in all that light. You probably used less color too so that I assume it looks too dull as well. You do look very ethereal though Bill and that should count for something. You certainly want to look good painting. So look on the bright side. Pun intended.


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