Bill, I think your fence painting is lovely. It looks like you worked on it since the initial paint out. That day that Wendy and I went with you to the Descanso Gardens,  we wondered why you chose to go off into the woods to paint by yourself. We thought you were being the brooding artist, responding to the call of nature. Indeed, as it turned out,  it was about nature calling in more than one way.

As for the dog painting, I have to tell you, I am confused. The fence is enlargeable when clicked on, but the dog is not and to tell you the truth, I can’t make heads or tail of that thing – LITERALLY. Is it really a dog? Is it really a painting, or a photograph? Where is the dog’s head? What is that distracting white thing on the side of the frame? Is this an example of a painting from a photograph that captured an accidental moment in time of a dog scratching himself, or sleeping or something complete with everything in the frame that happened to be there when you snapped the photo with a flash? I don’t see any shadows characteristic of a flash, and it even looks like the flash was captured in a part of a mirror in the upper right hand corner. Did you paint that in too???

I’m sorry Bill, but this is one for the Artwalk.


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