Art for Art’s Sake

Geez Bill, you’re posting faster than Clinton at a nightclub. Let me respond to your question TWO posts ago:

…when just about everything is wrong with a painting, where do you begin to direct that person towards better future work?

The answer is: you don’t. Unless they are your beloved students. No, we want bad art to florish. We don’t want everyone who attempts to paint to ‘get it’. No, no. If they all ‘got it’ imagine where we’d be. The competition would be insane. In fact, I will go sofar as to say that it would behoove you to purchase a piece of bad art here and there. Show support. Humor them. Speak to them of the merits of Thomas Kinkaid. Make them believe they are doing a wonderful thing for the art world. Just don’t tell them what it is.

btw, I think you should have placed that post in the catagory “On Suffering” since you described something that seemed to be quite painful.

And if thy eye offend thee, stay away from Artwalks…

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