Originally from a small Iowa town, I spent a year at Iowa State after leaving the Navy.  A friend ask me to try California so I did.  It is a lot warmer here.  I spent 11 years in the UC system getting an MSEE from UCLA and attending graduate school at UCSB until I finally burned out on full time work and study.  I’ve worked for most of the aerospace firms and several small businesses.  For the past 14 years I’ve worked for St. Jude Medical, CRMD.  This is not the children’s hospital but a medical group that produces pacemakers and ICD’s (implantable defibrillators) – like those things you see on TV with the paddles that shock the heart – only these are inside the body and attach directly to the heart.   

    About 12 years ago, tired of continual technical study, I decided to try a class in drawing at Moorpark.   A teacher there pointed me to CAI for head/figure drawing.  Since then I have used up the life drawing/painting classes at the Moorpark, Pierce, and Ventura community colleges.  I have also attend an impressive array of workshops across the country with many fine painters/teachers.  Well, hold ‘er there Newt, if they were such fine teachers why can’t I paint any better?  I feel driven to improve but don’t have an end goal such as making money or becoming even more nearly world famous.  There are just those moments on canvas that, however rare, are so satisfying.


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