Throw away my money don’t try to save

I was browsing a magazine while doing some time on the treadmill yesterday.  There was an article about how this obese woman had gastric bypass surgery, then switched her addiction from food to buying unnecessary stuff.  I was feeling purely smuggerforus.  After all, I was exercising, and so what if I only lasted 12 minutes; I don’t buy unnecessary stuff – er, maybe just that odd time or two.  At home were two packages of art supplies delivered that day.  Why do they insist on delivering on the day my wife gets home before me?   I took a brutal tongue lashing – that will teach me to whine about her spending too much money.  Still, as every artist will back me, there is no such thing as an unnecessary art supply.  I really do need the tubes of white, burnt umber, and ultramarine deep.  I’m low on those colors.  I also need the gatorboard panels.  But what possessed me to buy all those script liner brushes?  I got different sizes and brands so I could see which suited what I want to do.  I was still on solid ground here; until, I put those new brushes in a jar, right next to the liner brushes I already had and had never used.  Addiction or Alzheimer’s?  The lesson here: take inventory before you place that order and piss away even more of that money you told your wife not to spend.


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