Well, as my dear old mother use to say, “just pick the white out of that chicken shit”.  Stalemate is good.  It certainly is better than being the complea-at loser my sister called me.

An artist should suffer.  Builds painting character they say.  But see if you don’t think this is a bit overboard.  I’ve given up 2 hours (ok 1:45) at the gym on Tuesday evenings to paint.  Even with thick paint, standing still and waving your arm for 3 hours doesn’t use many calories.  I’ve estimated I’m going negative 750 calories every Tuesday.  This for you math challenged means nearly 3 regular sized Snickers bars I must now give up; not just a one time deal, but each and every week.   Wow!  I’m thinking this puts me in a sufferfest category with Vincent.  He only lost that ear once.  I’m losing every week.  My work should, you would expect, start the inexorable slide toward fabulous.

PS – Lisa, from now on why don’t you just fix my numerous errors and save me from even more suffering. 


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