I’m Sure I’m Right – Aren’t I?

I have to get one little thing off my chest. I consulted with the grammar police, and “a group of us gets together to paint”, as I first stated it, is indeed, correct. The singular subject ‘group’ has to agree with the verb ‘gets’ (the ‘s’ making ‘group’ singular). I admit, at first I thought Bill was right to correct me, and for days I have repeated “a group of us get together to paint”. But it felt like a pebble in my shoe,  and sure enough I was correct to begin with. This is insignficant, petty stuff, but we certainly don’t want to influence a generation of readers whose verbs do not agree with their subjects.

Your paintings-a-day are very nice Bill, and I think we should sell them here. What do you want for them? Please post a price, and let me know what my cut is.


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