Thank you Bill. Now that my apostrophyitis has cleared up I can move on. btw, did you see that we have a “comment”? It was posted by my dear friend Pam this morning, and it sounds to me like she is counting those chickens.

On Painting:

Each Tuesday night, a group of us gets together to paint from a live model, as opposed to a dead one. I would like to offer some tips to those of you who are considering hiring models and doing the same:

         1) Ask a variety of types to pose for you. They do not have to be professional, although pros do make life easier. You should be able to paint any subject. Do not attempt to do this, however, unless you are an adept painter since amateur models can be tricky to paint, and often the end result looks blurry.

          2) If you are a man, be sure to have a female friend who is a painter and will give you her own business cards to pass out. Please refer to Bill for a colorful explanation as to why.

         3) Give correct and detailed directions to the location. Do not tell them it will be on Wednesday night if it will be on Tuesday night.

         4) Ask the model to bring different and interesting clothing to choose from. In the event that you have never seen the model, it is always handy to have a suit of armor on hand.

          5) Keep a spitoon at the door to confiscate all chewing gum.

          6) When using a nude male model, do not have good-looking women in the room.

          7) Always choose a position that is not too complicated for the model unless you can paint REAL FAST.

          8. Ask the model to leave their iguanas at home.

Feel free to ad more tips Bill.  

Happy painting…


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