I wouldn’t think of editing your perfect words.  That was probably the work of automatic correction in the manner of Microsoft Word.  OK, I did it, but only after consulting with my blog attorney who was nearly certain I would not lose more that 75% of everything.

On painting –  At least one of the reasons for the wide appeal of “a painting a day” was brought home to me again last night.  I tried to create a still life setup.  This was going to be a beautiful design that removed that Leffel guy from anyone’s thoughts.  I was going to create unbelieveable lighting drama.  Alas, my lighting seems to go much like my feeble attempts at plumbing; leaks.  After an hour and a half of trying to corral the light, I gave up and read a little in my book about the great depression and dust bowl.  It fit my mood.  Why do everyone else’s setups seem so easy.  I’ve gone into studios at the Scottsdale Artist’s School and viewed 7 great still life setups at the same time.  I put one object here, another just there.  No no, over there.  Maybe I need three objects.  Stick that flower in there?  Oh, I’ve got it, an old shirt; it will be a drapery study as well.  Lordy I love a painting a day.  Plop down an olive and paint the damn thing. 


Here is an example.  Not much thinking required.  Just plunk er down and start painting.  Since it is so small and you have not invested much time or emotion this can lead to a truly relaxing painting experience.


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