Monday morning and back at work.  Before we started a Tuesday night painting session I only had Saturday morning and sometimes a few hours on Sunday to paint.  How can a “Sunday” painter work in the required practice to have any hope of improving?  One necessary condition of a representational painting is that the drawing be correct.  While applying paint to a surface can be tough to work into a schedule, drawing can be practiced on a daily basis without much impact on your other required activities.  Two useful “enablers” I have found are: 

       1.  Carry a small binder with a pad of paper and a 2mm lead pencil.  I use a wallet ment for holding passports and have a printer make pads to fit the wallet.  This passport holder fits in my jacket pocket.  I practice drawing in restaurants, airports, and office meetings. 

       2.  Keep some printer/copier paper handy on the coffee table for those times you  watch TV.  Plan on drawing every time you sit in front of that time consuming tube.  The images change every 2 or 3  seconds which can be frustrating but it forces you to try to remember the important features of the drawing.  If you have Tivo or other DVR you have even greater flexibility.  When and ad comes on; pause and draw.  Drawing done; skip the ad and return to the program.


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