by Lisa

Okay, it worked. I’ll be even happier when I learn the secret to uploading images.

At any rate, let me introduce you, our vast and expanding fan club, to us and our new blog. I am Lisa Towers, and my blogging buddy is Bill Jones. I have wanted to become a blogger for quite some time, but feared that going it alone would be too much pressure. I think a good blog should have a fresh daily post, and with two of us posting back and forth, we should have no problem entertaining you with our web presence regularly. Fresh should be no problem either.

 I am an oil painter and a painting instructor at the California Art Institute ( I have a studio in Newbury Park, and I am currently represented by the Portico Gallery in Montecito ( Bill is an engineer, and an accomplished oil painter. (Bill, if you would like to elaborate on your accolades, please post your laurels.)  Mostly what you need to know about us is that we are painting geeks who spend a great deal of time, painting, talking about painting, looking at paintings,  scrutinizing them, and so on. And we both seem to thoroughly enjoy writing on the subject. For a few years now, Bill and I have been carrying on with email banter on the subject of painting, and it finally occured to me that I could realize my blogging dreams with the likes of Bill who has proven himself to be a profficient writer, and quite a good cynic. Perfect. Okay Bill. Now the pressures on. Write something really profound. And cynical. Profoundly cynical. Counting on you.

 We plan to use our blog as a forum for discussing, dicing, complaining, swooning, and whining, but we will do our best to keep it about painting, or art. We appreciate comments from you, the viewing public, and if you would, log on to us many times a day so it looks like we get lots of hits, and eventually the sponsors will be begging us for advertising space on our site. Then as the money starts rolling in, we can give up our day jobs, and paint whatever the hell we want, and sit around smoking cigars and talking art up on the internet. Counting on you.


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